Kettering – Bruny Island, 7 Days a Week
Timetable Information: 03 6273 6725

Bruny Island Ferry Timetable

Daily Timetable


October through March – Ferries “Mirambeena” and “Bowen”

Depart Kettering

“Mirambeena” “Bowen”
6.30am Daily (except Sunday)
7.30am Daily
Daily 8.30am
9.00am Daily
Daily 9.30am
10.00am Daily
Daily 10.30am
11.00am Daily
Daily 11.30am
12.00pm Daily
1.30pm Daily
2.30pm Daily
Daily 3.00pm
3.30pm Daily
Daily 4.00pm
4.30pm Daily
Daily 5.00pm
5.30pm Daily
7.00pm Daily

 Depart Bruny Island

“Mirambeena” “Bowen”
7.00am Daily (except Sunday)
8.30am Daily
Daily 9.00am
9.30am Daily
Daily 10.00am
10.30am Daily
Daily 11.00am
11.30am Daily
Daily 12.00pm
12.30pm Daily
2.00pm Daily
3.00pm Daily
Daily 3.30pm
4.00pm Daily
Daily 4.30pm
5.00pm Daily
Daily 5.30pm
6.00pm Daily
7.15pm Daily


April through September –  Ferry “Mirambeena” only

Depart Kettering

 6.30 am     (Daily

       except Sunday)

 7.30 am     (Daily)

 9.00 am     (Daily)

10.00 am     (Daily)

11.00 am     (Daily)

12.00 pm     (Daily)

  1.30 pm     (Daily)

  2.30 pm     (Daily)

  3.30 pm     (Daily)

  4.30 pm     (Daily)

  5.30 pm     (Daily)

  7.00 pm     (Daily)

Depart Bruny Island

  7.00 am     (Daily

except Sunday)

  8.30 am     (Daily)

 9.30 am     (Daily)

 10.30 am     (Daily)

 11.30 pm     (Daily)

 12.30 pm     (Daily)

   2.00 pm     (Daily)

  3.00 pm     (Daily)

  4.00 pm     (Daily)

  5.00 pm     (Daily)

  6.00 pm     (Daily)

  7.15 pm     (Daily)

Timetable Changes/Delays:


                                                            NOTICE BOARD

Commuters are advised the Summer Timetable will operate from Sunday October 1st.

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